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Steps to Ownership

Step 1

Request Information

Are you interested in learning more about Caring Transitions? Feel free to fill out the form below, it should only take a few minutes. Once we receive your information, a Director of Franchising will reach out to you.

Step 2

Get Connected with a Franchise Director

This will be your first phone call with your Franchise Director, here they will answer all your initial questions about Caring Transitions and being a franchisee. Not to worry, the goal of this phone call is to provide you with as much information as you need to see if franchising aligns with your future goals. You will not be locked into any decisions.

Step 3

Custom Territory Map & Demographics

If you feel ready to dive deeper into questions about territory and ownership, we will have you complete a Confidential Questionnaire. The next steps would include determining your custom territory of 195,000 people. We work together to set up your exclusive territory, while not crossing over into anyone else’s territory. You will also receive information on the demographics of your territory.

Step 4

FDD & Speaking with Franchisees

You will go into much more detail about the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) with the Franchise Director. The FDD contains all the information about our business and support models we guarantee. After reviewing and signing the FDD, you will also be put in contact with current franchisees to talk to about their journeys as franchise owners.

Step 5

Meet the Team

This is the time when you are invited to visit our corporate headquarters in Cincinnati. During this visit you will meet the entire team in the operations department. This is the team that will support you through the life of your franchise. You will also participate in a variety of educational programs that will enlighten you on the details of owning and running your own franchise. Bring your list of questions and comments so that we can address everything that you may be wondering about!

Step 6

Franchise Awarded

After you’ve met the team and received approval from your Franchise Director, you will be awarded your Caring Transitions franchise. After your franchise is awarded you will work with your Director to schedule a return trip to Cincinnati for a week-long, extensive training.

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