We Walk Beside Our Clients to Craft Custom Solutions Using All of Our Services And Resources Available

A Solution Company

Caring Transitions is a solution-oriented company, and we accomplish this by bringing three services under one roof that are normally all accomplished by separate companies. The three services we combine to provide unique solutions for our customers are:

  • Senior Relocation
  • Estate Sales
  • Downsizing & Decluttering

One final thing – we are NOT a medical service company. As a franchisee, you will not be dealing with the hassles or laws that involve elderly medical care, though you might want to invest in knowing the companies that do supply such services in your area. Many times our services are needed in order to fulfill the lifestyle changes recommended by healthcare professionals, so putting your leads into contact with upstanding medical professionals can create a favorable impression that causes them to return to you for help with non-medical side of their changing circumstances.

Senior Relocation

Our Senior Relocation Service Is Nationally Recognized by Respected Experts in the Following Entities: CSA, Seniors Blue Book, moveseniors.com, and caring.com
  • Assist elderly customers find and move to a new home or facility that meets their needs
  • Assist long distance-family members make sure all their concerns are met

As our loved ones age, their needs and ability to meet those needs in their current circumstances change. Moving around to take care of the land for that country-home may be too tiresome now, a broken hip can require a move to a one-story home, or perhaps the client needs to be close to medical professionals. It is a stressful time – after all, their lack of mobility is ironically often a primary factor in necessitating the move to a new home! And there is also the emotional aspect. Many of our customers have lived in their homes for decades, surrounded by memories of a life well-spent. We take pride in our sensitive and professional handling of the challenges these people face as they move either into a new home, into a family member’s house, or an assisted living facility.

Estate Sales

On-Site or Online Estate Sales
  • On-Site Estate Sales
  • Online Estate Sales through CT Online Auctions

Sometimes the extent of decluttering needing to be done can justify an estate sale. Sadly, many times the driving force is the death of a loved one that lived far away. Whichever is the case, we are glad that we are able to meet the needs of our customers in a variety of ways. We can come into their homes and help organize and orchestrate an on-site estate sale to help our customers meet their needs while helping to ensure that those on their property both find what they are looking for and are respecting our client’s privacy; or we can organize an online estate sale through CT Online auctions.

The great thing about our online auction platform is it allows us to perform estate sales for customers that traditional estate sales would have to turn away. We can do estate sales for gated communities, apartment/condo residences, or smaller estates that others would refuse. They wouldn’t have been able to make a profit with all the setup and labor involved, but we can make a profit for both ourselves and give our clients great value in the sale as well.

Downsizing & Decluttering

Sell, Donate, or Store
  • Meticulously combing through possessions
  • Help in selling no longer needed, but still valuable, items
  • Donating items of lesser value for tax credit – with receipts!
  • Common first-step (or closing step) for other services

Over the course of our lifetime, we accumulate many possessions, and we rarely dispose of them once they have outlived their usefulness. It’s not surprising then that many of our franchisees customers call them overwhelmed at just the sheer task of sifting through, organizing, and removing unwanted possessions. Our professionals will assist customers search through their possessions to find what they really want to keep and what can be either sold or donated. We’ll even obtain receipts for tax deductions. Finally, our CT auctions site allows us to profit from selling even a small number of items.

Putting It All Together

What you must remember is that these three services are not separate entities, but rather integral parts of being a solution-oriented company. Our goal is to avoid answering the phone with a “What service do you want?” greeting. Instead, it is to guide people that are often overwhelmed with the huge and stressful tasks before them, and use our services to remove that burden from their lives.