Happy Couple

We’ve all faced similar situations. A loved one is in need, but we don’t know how to help them. Or, perhaps, it’s our own challenge, but the emotions are so overwhelming that our strength seems sapped, even when we knew what to do. Just when we might have despaired, someone came to our rescue. It might have been a family member or a friend. Maybe it was a group in the community. Whoever it was, we all remember the tremendous relief and gratitude we still feel today towards those individuals.

But what if that rescue never came? What would you have done? Or maybe you’ve lived it – how much better would life have been during that trying time if someone that truly cared had been there to guide you?

Caring Transitions was built to meet such a need with issues more and more Americans are facing every year: how to deal with the evolving needs of our elderly loved ones. When the home in the country Dad always wanted has become too much to handle, or Mom needs a constant, watchful eye because of her health…many invite their parents back to live with them during these years.

But for a lot of us, that’s not an option. Maybe your loved ones are in a different part of the country, and they want to stay. Or, even if they are going to move in with you, what are you going to do with all that stuff they’ve accumulated over a lifetime? You know you need to part with some of it, and that would be difficult enough even if you knew what to do. But what to keep? What to give to charity? What to sell? How to sell it?

Caring Transitions was created to be that unsought help that brings relief during those trying times. Some companies offer different services that these people need, but at we aim to be the solution, not just a service. That’s we handle everything – relocation, decluttering, estate sales – but, most importantly, we are there walking beside people every step of the way. When someone calls us, what is needed is often not even known yet. And that’s just fine. We’ll guide them until the path becomes clear.

That’s why we say Caring Transitions is a solution, not a service. We don’t just do the work people call and ask for. We are guides – many of our franchisees started their own business after receiving the same help themselves. If you are looking for a rewarding career that makes a difference, call today to see how you can begin meeting the needs of the people around you by starting your own Caring Transitions business.